Institute of Ejtehad

After fifty years of continuous religious and Jurisprudential activities, Ayatollah Alozma Jannaati has taken important steps towards developing Jurisprudence by using new valuable methods of Jurisprudence. His innovative theories regarding Ejtehad (Jurisprudence) method as well as his opinions about main and sub issues of Jurisprudence are very inspiring for researchers and students of the field keeping in view the fact that these ideas are based entirely on accepted inference criteria.

All this necessitated establishing a scientific and research institute under the supervision of His Eminence that would help spread the foregoing opinions and theories as well assist in accomplishing research projects within the objectives of His Eminence. This was how the cultural institute of Ejtehad was founded and started its activity.

Some of the objectives of this institute are as under:

1. Making scientific studies and doing research activities being compatible with the objectives of the institution and accomplishing research projects in the field of Islamic sciences.
2. Publishing a special issue and a specialized magazine in Farsi and other languages in areas that suit the purpose of the institute.
3. Establishing contact with scientific and cultural centers in and out of the country.
4. Holding scientific and cultural gatherings and seminars on different subjects related to the objectives of the institute.
5. Doing publishing activities for publication of books.
6. Establishing and running specialized, research or public libraries.
7. Establishing and running information centers and providing services to teachers, seminary and university students and other interested people. Also, this institute will produce computer softwares that would be suitable with the objectives and activities of th